There Will Be Ghosts

February 6th, 2012 by Ben

I am so topical.

There’s a post over on the For Tax Reasons site about Level Up and Matt Burnett and my debut as television writers.  However, since I inundate my social networks with posts about Level Up (Tuesdays @ 8pm/7c on Cartoon Network), I thought I’d write about some other topics.

I finally finished storyboarding the music video I’m working on for the Max Levine Ensemble’s “Ghost Song”.  Here’s a few boards I’ve sketched out.

in these next ones. there’s supposed to be ghosts flying around DC, scaring everyone  I’ll be animating them in later so just use your amazing imagination.

On to color schematics and then animation!  And if you haven’t yet, go check out the Max Levine Ensemble’s new EP “elephant in the room”.  It is so choice.  If you have the means, I highly recommend picking up it up/downloading it/donating.  I was lucky enough to see them play it in person when they rolled through Cali on tour.


3 Responses to “There Will Be Ghosts”

  1. :: smo :: Says:

    awesome dude!

    i’ve been trying to do some videos but i just can’t seem to get through boarding! how long did it take you to do the boards? is this gonna have some live action in it too or is it all animated? stoked to see what you come up with!!!

  2. Ben Says:

    Thanks! It’s taken me months to finish these up, but I’ve been working really sporadically on it because of work constraints. The whole vid is going to be animated, but luckily it’s a short and sweet punk song. I’ll hopefully be posting some animation tests soon.

  3. :: smo :: Says:

    rad dude looking forward to it!!!