Ghostly Guitar Licks

July 28th, 2012 by Ben

Here’s some rough animation from the music video I’ve been working on.  It’s ghost of Spoonboy!  He’ll glow and look translucent when it’s all done, right now he just looks like a floating dude.

I still have to do lip sync, that’s why his mouth is looking all slack-jawed yokel for a lot of it.  And the guitar neck needs to be shorter; I’m used to playing the bass so I unconsciously draw all guitars the size of bass guitars.  It’s like how I draw everyone with big feet, and then remember “Oh yeah, the rest of the world doesn’t have clown feet like me.”

I tried to make the body bob to make him feel bouncy and alive, no pun intended.  Guitar strumming is a pretty quick movement, and I was able to get away with (key phrase: get away with) a loop of three drawings per strum.  The up stroke, down stroke, and then an exaggerated “accent” drawing, in between:

Or two drawings with an ease in between, cushioning the up stroke.

In case anyone was wondering.

Getting away with stuff!

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